Boutique Publicity helps you navigate the ever-changing family media 
landscape to garner the maximum publicity exposure for your Family 
targeted film or show.

Boutique Publicity works closely with your team to identify goals within the 
family marketplace and acts as the ultimate conduit between your property 
and the family media community.
Our unique expertise and relationships within this field enable us to effectively 
engage the proper contacts to implement an impactful campaign for your 
Film or Television Show.  

We tailor each plan to strategically fit the needs for every project to ensure 
that your film or show will resonate among the targeted family audience. 
We strive to deliver effective results ultimately helping to boost your 
box-office or ratings success.
Traditional Publicity
Pitch National, Los Angeles, New York as well as regional based outlets for 
both editorial coverage and promotional opportunities on behalf of your film 
or show in the following categories:
	•  Family Magazines 
	•  Parenting Magazines
	•  Kids Magazines 
	•  Teen and Tween publications 
	•  National and Regional broadcast bookings 
	•  Radio Shows and Tours 
	•  Multi-Ethnic targeted family and parenting magazines
	•  LGBT family and parenting magazines
Pitch Family targeted Websites for both editorial coverage and promotional opportunities for your movie or show in the following areas:
	•  Family/Parenting sites 
	•  Kids sites 
	•  Teen and Tween sites 
	•  Multi-Ethnic targeted family and parenting websites 
	•  LGBT family and parenting websites
        •  Engage Mommy & Daddy Bloggers in the top markets to saturate that 
             community with coverage of your film or show by offering them access to 
              screenings in their markets, products to giveaway and/or attend junkets 
              for interviews either in person, via phone interview or Skype 
        •  Identify Family Organizations to enlist their support for your movie or
             show throughout their various channels
        •  Identify key family centric events in which your film or show should have 
            a presence and coordinate details for participation 
        •  Investigate film festival opportunities that have programming for children 
             and families in the appropriate release window for your film or show
        •  Create tastemaker events for word-of-mouth opportunities 
In-School & Education Based Programs
        •  Conduct outreach to all of the appropriate In-School Programs to develop 
              the proper curriculum for your project and gather the proposals for your 
        •  Make recommendations on which program would best suit your project 
              and be the most effective based on distribution plans, creative ideas and 
              budget restrictions
        •  Once selected, facilitate all of the needs in implementing the time 
              consuming process of creating the In-school program
        •  Follow up on the status once the program is available in-schools to ensure 
              you have a detailed analysis of its execution and success
Advertising Seals
        •  Engage with the Family based organizations such as The Truly Moving 
              Pictures Awards, The Dove Foundation and Common Sense Media to 
              determine if your film could ascertain their Seal of Approval for 
              advertising purposes
        •  Liaise with these organizations on the steps needed in order to secure a 
        •  Approach Mommy bloggers  and Family Organizations who endorse the 
             project to consider providing quotes and/or seals for advertising should      
             the Creative Executives be interested
Boutique Publicity will bring you multiple stunt opportunities for your
consideration to engage the family audience.  We will brainstorm, manage
and execute – if desired – individualized family-centric stunts for your 
specific project with the ultimate goal of garnering positive word of mouth
and additional press coverage for your film or show.
        •  Junkets
        •  Set Visits 
        •  Family targeted events on both a National and Regional level